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Cantankerous is a totally irregular podcast that features random discussions between Jay and his good friend Reed Farrington where they tackle such topics as philosophy, science, and Reed’s obsessive collecting. Subscribe to the feed below to keep up with all the latest episodes.

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Episode Archive

Note: Cantankerous has now been moved to the Film Junk Vault! You can purchase individual episodes or the entire series below via

Cantankerous: The Complete Series
All 12 episodes of Cantankerous (#1-13), not including the video podcast Episode #7: Reed’s House.

Episode 13: Dummy Wallet — Apr. 8, 2011
Reed the Raconteur, how to avoid being mugged in Thorold and why Reed skipped the premiere of Jay’s movie in New York, plus answers to your questions from Twitter.

Episode 12: Friend or Foe? — Aug. 24, 2010
Jay and Reed address the backlash to the Inception episode, discuss signs that you are going insane, and debate what makes good film. All this, plus a head to head movie trivia showdown!

Episode 11: My Rifle, My Pony and Me — Aug. 17, 2010
Reed gets on his horse to offer an opinion on Inception and discuss various aspects of dreaming, plus Jay and Reed reveal the winner of their celebrity Twitter contest.

Episode 10: The Second Annual Holiday Episode — Apr. 12, 2010
Jay and Reed go on a shopping trip in the U.S., and we also talk about medieval headwear, unemployment and Reed tries to pick up an A.I.-based website.

Episode 9: Watermelon Popsicles — Oct. 18, 2009
This time around, Reed talks about his watermelon popsicles, Beatles Rock Band, a clogged urethra and the death of MJ, among other things.

Episode 8: Obsessive Compulsive Frugality — Aug. 13, 2009
Reed’s physical deformities, the benefits of plastic surgery, the best way to preserve Star Trek waffles and Reed tries to figure out why Asian people’s eyes are the way they are.

Episode 7: Reed’s House: The Video Tour — May 11, 2009
A special video tour of the Shatcave aka Reed’s House. A self-admitted psychopath and megalomaniac, this is a candid and disturbing portrait of one of the 20th century’s most notorious (action) figures.

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Episode 6: Midnight to Six Man — Apr. 26, 2009
Reed puts his disc jockey skills to the test, and we also discuss the joys of being unemployed, bug-infested Star Trek chocolate bars and oxidization as a weapon against Terminators.

Episode 5: Living Below the Poverty Line — Feb. 12, 2009
An investigation into Reed’s hermit-like existence, how to live below the poverty line.

Episode 4: The Christmas Special — Dec. 24, 2008
For Christmas, we brought together a true meeting of the minds: Reed Farrington and Tomas Bajuk of Fishing with Tom fame trade holiday stories and discuss the true meaning of Christmas.

Episode 3: Aug. 8, 2008
Reed’s shopping habits, why white actors play white people and black actors play black people, existence and a fear of dying, backing up the internet.

Episode 2: Feb. 28, 2008
Reed’s eating habits, science-fiction, collecting and the pursuit of happiness.

Episode 1: Dec. 7, 2007
Making friends, losing friends, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, the meaning of life.