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Film Junk is a movie blog and podcast based in Toronto, Canada. Since 2005 we’ve been providing a daily dose of film news, reviews, and commentary, all presented with an honest, fun-loving and sarcastic edge. Covering the art house to the mainstream and everything in between, the site continues to grow in leaps and bounds, so be sure to add us to your daily travels around the web!

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Sean Dwyer

Sean is a Computer Science graduate who likes to think he is plugged in to pop culture. Currently a web developer and formerly employed as a video game programmer, he enjoys pondering and writing about movies and media in his spare time. He is known for his love of science-fiction, spy movies and for being the so-called “voice of reason” (aka Switzerland), Sean is the primary writer for Film Junk and he also co-hosts the Game Junk Podcast.

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Jay Cheel

Jay is a film school graduate who has been making his own movies ever since he was a kid. He has directed two feature-length documentaries to date (Beauty Day and How to Build a Time Machine) along with numerous short films. He is known to listeners as The Duke of Spook due to his love of horror and genre films and he always brightens up the show with his matter-of-fact reporting on personal medical issues. Jay co-hosts the podcast and produces and edits all of our video content and occasionally draws stuff on YouTube. He also previously ran our sister site, The Documentary Blog.

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Frank is a computer science grad and former movie theatre employee who regularly co-hosts the Film Junk Podcast and as well as the Game Junk Podcast and Ball Junk Podcast. He is often called The King of Comedy because he considers himself a connoisseur of funny stuff and he prides himself on thinking outside the box, bringing a unique point of view to the show. He first appeared on Film Junk Episode #193 and became a regular after Episode #296. He also wrote a Previously on LOST column during the show’s final season.

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Greg Gaspari

Greg is a broadcasting graduate who made a name for himself as “The Gasman” on 97.7 HTZ FM. His love of film used to bring him to the Toronto International Film Festival every year, but his hatred for Toronto’s sports teams causes him grief every time he sets foot in T Dot. Greg hosts the Ball Junk Podcast and was a fairly regular co-host of the Film Junk Podcast from Episode #96 through to #411 (you can read a statement about his departure here).

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Reed Farrington

Reed Farrington aka Darth Nameless is a mysterious personality within the Film Junk Universe. He is an obsessive collector, particularly of all things Star Trek, and is a huge science-fiction fan. In addition to starring in several hit Film Junk short films (A Very Gerry Xmas, Cooking with Gerry, The Running Tunnel, Colore Non Vedenti), Reed previously co-hosted a non-movie-related podcast with Jay called Cantankerous. He also wrote a Star Trek column called Treknobabble. Check out a video tour of his house!

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Dax Gordine

Dubbed the Archbishop of Animation, Dax is an animator and illustrator who has worked in both the game industry and the comic industry. His guest appearances on the show are always anticipated by listeners and usually tend to coincide with big comic book movies. He is known for his love of Bad Boys, Star Wars and classic Disney movies. He currently draws a regular web comic called Forest Folk.

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Zak Bronson

Zak is an occasional guest on the Film Junk Podcast and a graduate student currently pursuing his PhD in Media Studies. He loves mumblecore and the works of Terrence Malick, not to mention post-apocalyptic science-fiction. Despite his high brow leanings, he also does not hide his affection for Adam Sandler movies. Zak and Sean used to produce a music podcast together called Muzak for Cybernetics.

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