Ball Junk Podcast Episode #48: NFL Season Preview 2021


Episode 48 of the Ball Junk Podcast is here and it’s our annual NFL Preview. Regular season rankings and playoff predictions. Did we once again predict the same Super Bowl match-up? Listen to find out. Plus, we get some Ultra Bold Predictions from Frankie, play a game of Likely or Unlikely, answer your questions in Sack Time and poor ol’ Frankie gets the Gas Pedal. Subscribe and download on all your favourite podcast providers. Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro / Jollibee
0:12:35 – General Sport Discussion
0:24:40 – NFL Season Preview 2021
1:03:55 – Game: Likey or Unlikely
1:10:05- Sack Time
1:20:20 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Nic

    Thanks for another very fun episode guys! Maybe I’m the only one but I would love a weekly recap discussion every Monday during the regular season. Could obviously be much shorter (20-30 mins) as you would only go over the games and developments you find interesting. For instance I would love to know what Frank thinks about the Bills-Steelers game and what Gregg thought about Tuna’s performance against the Pats. The way you do it now, we really only hear you talk about the NFL once before the season starts and then once before the Superbowl.

  • TimC

    Wow, Frank correctly called both the Texans beating the Jags and the Saints “pummeling” the Packers, week 1. However, he’s way off with his Stafford/Goff take.

    Give us some week 2 picks, so we all can profit, Frank!

  • Johnny

    Yeah a regular update during the season would be great.

  • schizopolis

    Basically Frank’s take for Bills fans: You want to reach the Super Bowl? Then, you gotta be constantly depressed/anxious and bet your mortgage for your team to lose every game. NFL = no fun league. Then, the Bills win the Super Bowl! lol