Halloween Kills Trailer


After releasing a couple of teasers last year, this week Universal and Blumhouse have officially unveiled the full trailer for David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills, which appears to be on track for an October release. The movie picks up where the 2018 film left off as Michael Myers climbs back out of the burning house and resumes his killing spree. Meanwhile Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) must once again team up with her daughter, granddaughter and now apparently a vigilante mob to try and find a way to end this unstoppable force. We don’t know much else about the plot of the film but the body count is said to be quite high, so don’t expect a lot of subtle scares here. Halloween Kills hits theatres on Oct. 15th; check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • Sam

    This film looks like a powerful metaphor for women overcoming abuse, and even themes of domestic abuse. No horror movies have dealt with that powerful theme before so it will be interesting for to see a horror movie finally tackle this powerful theme of women overcoming abuse and fighting back against abuse and possibly even male domestic abuse. I don’t think a horror movie has dealt with this theme before that I can remember in recent memory.