Film Junk Podcast Episode #803: A Quiet Place Part II


0:00 – Intro
14:30 – Review: A Quiet Place Part II
46:30 – Retro Review: Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments
1:16:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Ex Machina, What Happened Was…, Seance, Hacks, Deep Impact, The Unthinkable
1:43:35 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:46:50 – Outro
1:50:50 – Spoiler Discussion: A Quiet Place Part II

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  • Matej Jozanovic

    The opposite of ‘force feed’ should be ‘hunger strike’ or ‘fasting’. Going on a Quiet Place hunger strike.

  • Tim

    I found the contrivances of the sequel to be easier to swallow than the those of the first, but the editing and machinations of this one are so tightly wound it doesn’t leave much room for actual feeling. I also think the actor playing the son is kind of bad, but maybe that’s just the material given.

  • Jameson

    I actually enjoyed how minimal the storytelling was in this, especially as far as sequels go. I tend to agree with you guys on some of these blockbuster movies being too plotty and bloated and appreciate how lean and rather un-complicated this was, much like the first one.

    Also, Frankie coming in hot with the pro-M. Night/anti- Krasinki stance!

  • Haven’t seen it – or listened to the episode yet – but read the synopsis on Wikipedia and it sounds like there are similar beats of The Last of Us: Part II in this – can anyone confirm (maybe Frank mentions it during the review)?

  • Sean

    Yes, there are definitely some similarities and it does get mentioned at some point.

  • John

    Grabbed Phobe on DVD for $10 from Severin’s mid-year sale after hearing this chat. Another ultra-low budget Canadian genre film, Things, was featured on The Last Drive-In a few weeks back. I enjoyed that one, some great line readings and non-sequiturs in the dialog. Has that one been discussed on the show before?

  • bushi
  • Erica

    Hey wanted to say thank you for reviewing Phobe! I’m really glad you guys enjoyed it.
    Still strange to be in a movie review with a Hollywood movie such as Quite Place 2 and my movie Phobe.

    Here’s an inside scoop, the walking scene with the 2 Hosers (Tim and Jerry characters) was longer than I wanted it to be for 2 main reasons. 1) if I cut it down, the movie would have been way shorter and I felt it needed to reach the 80 min mark to be a feature film that was worth watching. 2) there were other scenes that was suppose to be shot but with the budget and difficulties of getting the cast and gear availability, they were never shot, making what I had to work with a little shorter so I didn’t cut as much as I should have.

    Again, thanks for watching eh!

  • Director in the building.

  • Nic

    Get her on the show for a Kobblestone review!