Attack the Block 2 in the Works with Joe Cornish and John Boyega


One decade after it launched his acting career, John Boyega is returning to the indie movie that made him a breakout star. Joe Cornish’s sci-fi action comedy Attack the Block won an Audience Award at SXSW back in 2011 on its way to becoming one of the best reviewed movies of the year. Not only did it put Boyega on the map and lead to him landing a major role in the new Star Wars trilogy, but it also marked Joe Cornish as an up and coming director to watch. Since then, however, Cornish has managed to direct just one other movie: the solid fantasy adventure film, The Kid Who Would be King. Now they are reuniting for Attack the Block 2. Here’s what Boyega had to say about the announcement:

“It’s been a decade since Attack the Block was released and so much has changed since then. I’m excited to see this heightened story return to the streets of London. Moses has remained one of my favourite characters to play and bringing him back is a huge honour.”

Plot details were not announced at this time, although Cornish promised that it would bring “an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action” (the obvious assumption being that they have secured a bigger budget this time around). It is unknown if any other cast members will return but Jodie Whittaker has since gone on to play the first female Doctor on Doctor Who. Cornish has had many other projects in development over the years including an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Here’s hoping this helps get some of those off the ground as well. Are you looking forward to Attack the Block 2?

  • Lori Cerny

    I’m in!!

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