Edgar Wright’s The Sparks Brothers Trailer


Focus Features has released the trailer for Edgar Wright’s very first documentary feature, The Sparks Brothers, which is heading to select theatres this summer. The film covers the extensive history of the prolific rock band Sparks and the unique dynamic between the two brothers behind it, Ron and Russell Mael. Featuring an eclectic panel of eager interviewees that includes Beck, Flea, Weird Al Yankovic, Jason Schwartzman, Mike Myers, Steve Jones, Jane Wiedlin, Fred Armisen, Neil Gaiman, Bjork and Edgar Wright himself (not to mention Ron and Russell), the movie communicates a love for a long overlooked band and manages to capture their creative energy and ironic sensibility on screen in fascinating and exciting ways. Even if you aren’t familiar with the band, this doc is pretty enjoyable (albeit a little long-winded). The Sparks Brothers hits select theatres on June 18th; check out the trailer below and see what you think.