Game Junk Prototype Episode #60: Returnal First Impressions

Jay from Film Junk joins us to discuss Returnal, the roguelike genre and whether it matters if you beat a game plus we also talk Kaze and the Wild Masks, Control and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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  • pcch7

    Titanfall 2 is not overhyped, it IS one of the best single player campaigns. Keep playing. As for Returnal, I haven’t played it since I can’t get a god damn ps5 but I saw a streamer beat the whole game on his second run. Granted, he’s a very good gamer but it doesn’t seem like it’s super difficult or anything

  • Haven’t really been into platformers since my childhood but I’ll gladly purchase Kaze and the Wild Masks on my PS5 to make Andrew happy. You (and Frank) sold me on it: support the Indies!

  • Jay did highlight that the game isn’t very difficult at all and Frank’s probably just not a very good gamer (why else would he need to buy trophies to platinum a game?). E-D-D-I-E