Film Junk Podcast Episode #797: Stowaway


0:00 – Intro
3:45 – Review: Stowaway
25:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Mitchells vs. The Machines, Titanic, Alita: Battle Angel, The Sparks Brothers, Copycat, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Wira, The Bone Collector, Sasquatch, Chain Reaction
1:19:10 – Cheap Charts Bits
1:23:25 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:27:35 – Outro
1:29:50 – Spoiler Discussion: Stowaway

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  • pcch7

    Frank needs to rewatch Stowaway, he’s so out to lunch. The stowaway isn’t a medic so he can’t do Kendricks job, he hasn’t a clue about botany so he can’t do Kim’s job and he can’t pilot the ship so he can’t do Collettes job. And he wasn’t supposed to be on the ship for a mission he isn’t trained for. And himebase discarded the idea of getting oxygen from the booster because they couldn’t know if there is any left plus the risk of going past the solar panels and taking out the power for the entire ship.

  • Guywalker

    Would love a rewatch of Dark City! Just added to netflix (in Australia at least) watched it for the first time and loved it!

  • TimC

    They did a retro-review of Dark City, a few years ago:

  • OsoDuck
  • Frankie Knuckles
  • Guywalker

    Oh awesome cheers!

  • Maybe I’m just a harsh human being but it seems pretty clear to me that the stowaway would’ve been the one to die without discussion. The other three are flying to do a mission on Mars, the stowaway serves no purposes since he wasn’t supposed to be there.

    On that topic I think the film The Philosophers would make an entertaining Film Junk review – although Jay should be present for that. It’s not a very good film but is repeating the “dilemma” who to save in a cataclysmic event that would wipe out humanity (if I’m not mistaken I think Sean or Jay saw that movie back in the day).

  • Christopher Quack

    Frank, I also lost my shit, once again, when Jay did his Arnie impression. Perfectly nailed when and why to do it. I couldn’t stop laughing on my walk home and people were looking at me like I was crazy.

  • Lior

    I didn’t watch Stowaway, but the premise sounds awfully familiar to a classic science fiction story called “the Cold Equations”. Is it mentioned anywhere in the film’s credits?

    I predict Jay would’ve loved Mitchells vs The Machines. It’s kind of a sleeper little movie that is way better than it has any right to be.

    I always find it funny how crying in movies is made such a big deal of on FJ, usually at Sean’s expanse. Men are so afraid of emotions….:-)))


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  • Eric

    The cold equations is 1,000 times better than this movie… I don’t see where Jay gave this four and a half. I did not find Anna Kendrick believable as a doctor… And there was no consideration whatsoever for tethering once they went outside of the spaceship. Everything is tethered in space. The scene where Anna Kendrick wrapped the ascenders in their own cable and presumably put them in her pocket (?) Almost made me turn it off.