Film Junk Podcast Episode #796: Mortal Kombat


0:00 – Intro: Oscar Talk
21:25 – Review: Mortal Kombat
38:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Abyss, Aliens of the Deep, Pacific Heights, Blue Steel, The Father, Kuffs, Love and Monsters, Event Horizon, E.R., The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, This is a Robbery
1:32:00 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:38:40 – Outro
1:41:12 – Spoiler Discussion: Mortal Kombat

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  • OsoDuck

    On Jay’s recommendation watched Pacific Heights. Enjoyable early 90’s trash thriller. San Francisco is nicely photographed. Enjoyed the pan shot with the street shoe shiners. I wondered if there was any authenticity to the goings-on. It’s shots like that that make you feel like a time traveler and an adventurer to an alien world. An effect certainly never intended by the filmmakers but born about by the movement of time and vast distances of location.

    One thing caught my eye. The film contains a subtle bit of the anti-Japanese sentiment of the era. Keaton’s character is able to put his plan into motion because the Japanese tenants’ moving day shenanigans result in the loss of the other, preferred tenant’s credit application. Coincidence? I doubt it, because later in the film, when Keaton enters his second locale, the hotel, he is again preceded by a Japanese man, who has a 25 second discussion with the hotel clerk about a special delivery.

    The plot-important photograph of Keaton as a child also includes a chimpanzee, the animal that the Japanese were commonly associated with in WW2 propaganda.

    In other word’s, echoing the low-key propaganda of the time, if we invite the Japanese freely into the country (our houses and hotels), we’re going to lose our houses and businesses.