Knives Out Sequel(s) Headed to Netflix in Major Deal


It may seem a little hard to believe (particularly given the fact that it is April 1st), but it is being reported this week that Rian Johnson’s upcoming Knives Out sequel will not be coming to theatres… at least not in the traditional sense. The original 2019 film was a big hit for Lionsgate and MRC (it earned $311 million on a $40 million budget) and you would assume they would be more than willing to build on that success. In a shrewd move, however, Johnson and his producer Ram Bergman made a single picture deal with MRC and retained the rights to shop around any sequels if they were to happen. Now that is exactly what they have done, resulting in a bidding war between several streaming services. We are hearing that Netflix ultimately landed the deal for not one but two sequels. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Deadline, Netflix is about to close a deal to produce two sequels to Knives Out, beating out Apple and Amazon to acquire the rights. The deal is reportedly worth $450 million and will find Daniel Craig reprising his role as detective Benoit Blanc and Rian Johnson returning to write and direct. It is unclear if the movies will also get a theatrical release prior to arriving on Netflix.

The deal is an interesting indication of Netflix’s desire to build franchises of their own as opposed to simply acquiring one-off films here and there. Rian Johnson is also developing a mystery series at Peacock called Poker Face with Natasha Lyonne attached to star. It is currently unclear what the status of his upcoming Star Wars trilogy might be, but it seems like he is more than happy to go all in on detective stories for the time being. Are you looking forward to more Knives Out movies?

  • 1138sw

    Does that mean that the movies will stream on Netflix? Or that Netflix will release the movies at theaters, followed by streaming shortly thereafter?

    Like to know the numbers on this deal…must have been huge.

    Been putting off watching Knives Out. Gonna have to get around to see it.