Film Junk Podcast Episode #792: Bad Trip + Pandorum


0:00 – Intro
5:40 – Review: Bad Trip
29:10 – Retro Review: Pandorum
54:40 – Trailer Trash: The Suicide Squad
1:07:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: For Heaven’s Sake, Wrong Turn (2021), The Last Blockbuster, Odd Tinkering, Invincible (2021)
1:42:25 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:45:10 – Outro

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  • waxwrath

    Your review of Godzilla Vs Kong may be one of my most anticipated since The Master. Becky Hall, Hollow Earth, Trilogy Cred, Pacific Rim-ness. You could say I am building a narrative.

  • Corey Pierce

    one thing that didnt come up in the Bad Trip review that rubs me the wrong way about Eric Andre…

    the exhibitionism. he’s done this in a lot of projects, and very often it comes off as sexual harassment, if not sexual assault

  • Beat_C

    i love you guys so much, but i have no idea how anyone could be excited for “the suicide squad”.