WB Says They Have No Plans for a Suicide Squad David Ayer Cut


Although it is unclear just how many people watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League over the weekend or how many new subscribers flocked to HBO Max, it seems safe to say that the director’s cut of the movie has been a big win for Warner Brothers in terms of promotion and fan goodwill. The Snyder Cut has sparked a ton of online conversation and some surprisingly decent reviews, easily becoming one of the most talked about movies to be released since the start of the pandemic last year. You might think that with that kind of success, Warner Brothers would be looking to build on it, potentially continuing with Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League sequels or repackaging other comic book properties in a similar way. However, instead, they seem intent on making it clear that this was a one-off situation. WarnerMedia Studios CEO Ann Sarnoff recently had this to say about the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse campaign:

“I appreciate that they love Zack’s work and we are very thankful for his many contributions to DC. We’re just so happy that he could bring his cut of the “Justice League” to life because that wasn’t in the plan until about a year ago. With that comes the completion of his trilogy. We’re very happy we’ve done this, but we’re very excited about the plans we have for all the multi-dimensional DC characters that are being developed right now.”

When asked about the possibility of a David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad, she answered very clearly, “We won’t be developing David Ayer’s cut.” No doubt that is going to disappoint some fans who had hoped that movie could also be salvaged. The cliffhanger ending from Zack Snyder’s Justice League also left many people wanting to see what happens next but a continuation seems pretty unlikely. In a way, it is surprising that they are shutting it down so quickly without even leaving it open as a possibility, but the studio can’t really afford to distract from their future plans and have fans more focused on a previous path. There seems to be a fine line between listening to the fans and giving them too much control. Are you disappointed that the Ayer Cut and more Snyder sequels aren’t likely to become a reality?

  • Lori Cerny

    Can’t afford another streaming service, so HBO Max is out for me and so is Justice League.