Steven Spielberg to Direct Autobiographical Movie About His Childhood


Steven Spielberg has returned to many of the same themes over and over again throughout his career and it has been widely discussed that his movies often focus on childhood, fractured families and absentee fathers. Now it looks like he may be preparing to confront some of these issues head on with a new movie that will draw directly from his own life. We are hearing that his follow up to West Side Story is slowly taking shape and that it will be his first fully autobiographical movie. Michelle Williams is also in negotiations to star. Hit the jump to find out what else we know.

According to Deadline, Steven Spielberg is in the process of setting up a currently untitled film at Amblin Partners that is loosely based on his childhood growing up in Arizona. Michelle Williams is in talks to play a major role inspired by his mom but with “a separate and original voice.” For the first time since A.I., Spielberg will have a hand in writing the screenplay himself, working in collaboration with Tony Kushner (Munich, Lincoln).

It is still unclear just how closely this will reflect his life but it will be interesting to see how such a personal story will affect him creatively. This feels like a bold choice albeit one that runs the risk of retreading ideas he has already explored ad nauseam. He is looking to cast multiple actors to play a version of himself at various ages (inspired by Young Rock, perhaps?) and the film is expected to start shooting this summer with an eye towards a 2022 release. Are you looking forward to Steven Spielberg’s next movie?