Game Junk Prototype Episode #51: Top 5 Controllers + Microsoft Mesh

We count down our all-time favourite game controllers and discuss Nintendo Switch Pro rumours as well as the new Microsoft Mesh reveal plus we also talk Maquette and Ultimate Chicken Horse.

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  • My top 5 coming later. But totally with you Sean. I totally remember going over to my friend’s house and playing NES the first time and just not really getting it. Like it just felt like a fake knock-off controller and thinking this will never catch on and no one will ever use it. Lol.

  • So what list is putting the Switch Pro-controller in the top 5? That’s dumb as hell. It’s fine (I use it everyday) but it isn’t any better or innovative or interesting than any other controller. Also Frank, the GC controller is balls. It felt and looked like it was made by Mattell. I hated that thing. Z and Y buttons in weird places. It’s absolutely gross. N64 is WAY better.

    Also, wireless controllers go back to at least the Atari 2600. It was a radio controlled thing that worked pretty well if the batteries (9v for the base and both controllers) were brand new.

    My top 5:
    5) Atari slick stick. God I loved this thing and it was so much better than the OEM controller.
    4) PS5 controller. It might go up or down but the look is great and the haptic feedback is insane.
    3) Xbox 360
    2) Dreamcast
    1) hot take: Xbox BOSS. I have big hands and this is the first and maybe only (Dreamcast was close) controller to really fit my hands.

    HM: Colecovision. It would be higher if they didn’t break so easily. But I loved the way you hold it and having two buttons on either side was amazing and also the number pad built-in. Gorgeous controller design for the time.

  • Matej Jozanovic

    Personal list of top 5 controllers:

    5.) N64 controller. Just revolutionary in so many ways back in the day. Control stick, rumble pack, offset hand placement, trigger. Still feels good to this day.

    4.) Super Nintendo controller. Iconic and functional design. Set the standard for all controllers prior to the control-stick era. Despite D-pad feeling a little too hard and shoulders feeing too soft, still a joy to hold and use.

    3.) Xbox 360 controller. Perfect controller at the time. Fits my hands better than no other. Perfect stick and button layout. Great triggers, but shoulder buttons much inferior to PS4 dualshock. For me the wired variant became the de facto PC controller even to this day because of the near universal integration on Windows and most games. Unfortunately has the worst D-pad of any controller I have ever used.

    2.) Xbox One controller. Not very different from the 360 controller. Just cooler and sleeker. Actually usable D-pad. Feels nice.

    1.) GLAP. JK. It’s PS4 Dualshock. The zenith of the dual-stick controllers in terms or comfort and function. Never seems to get scuzzy or dirty somehow. Plus, so many functions Xbox and Switch Pro don’t have. Like the touchpad, giant button, and integrated speaker. Personally not a fan of the SHARE button as I accidentally press it way too often and never actually use it. And the light bar is generally useless and just drains the battery faster. Most of the time I don’t see even it. When I do see it, when the room is dark, it is very distracting and immersion-breaking. Sucks that it can’t be turned off.

    Note: I don’t have a Series X nor PS5 yet, unfortunately.