Ball Junk Podcast Episode #45: The Mighty Ducks


What’s up, Cake Eaters? A brand new episode of the Ball Junk Podcast is here for you. On the show we look back at the Super Bowl and go over Frankie’s “Likely or Unlikely” results from before the season. We chat some NBA and welcome Sean from Film Junk onto the pod to take a look back and review “The Mighty Ducks” as well as the first two episodes of “Young Rock”. They both play a game of “Real or Fake”, answer your Sack Time questions and as always Frankie gets the ol’ Gas Pedal. It’s Episode 45 of the Ball Junk Podcast! Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro: NFL/NBA Discussion
0:34:40 – Review: The Mighty Ducks
1:03:05 – Discussion: Young Rock
1:12:50 – Real or Fake: Minor League Baseball Teams
1:20:50 – Sack Time
1:26:10 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • pcch7

    This epsiode still hasn’t come up on my feed in acast and I couldn’t download it directly on my phone. Got it through my pc though but that seems odd

  • pcch7

    Frank must have problems with his eyes or his memory or both. Couldn’t believe the unsportsmanship from the Bills in the game vs the Chiefs. U G L Y. The refs in the superbowl were absolute gash in the first half of the superbowl, then when the game had been won for Brady they evened out in the second half. Spot foul for a throw that was ten yards ahead of the player? Give me a break. BALLS!!

  • Sean

    Someone else mentioned this on Twitter with a different app. I had accidentally put the episode up with a date of March 2020, so it was being sorted farther down in the list of episodes. However, I did fix the date yesterday so hopefully it will refresh soon in your feed.

  • pcch7

    Ah, sweet. Was nice to have you on the pod btw

  • Sean


  • milan

    if you didn’t like the hockey stuff in the first ducks movie so the second one is even worse. they play at an international tournament in the finals against one of the biggest ice hockey countries ever ICELAND and i remember that at one point that they exchange the goalie and no one notices it.

  • devolutionary

    Some of those Minor League Baseball team names (and mascots) are amazing. When is a team going to add a Pete Webber avatar?

  • pcch7

    I wish there was a team called the Toronto Toiletwaters