Game Junk Prototype Episode #46: Most Anticipated Games of 2021


We count down our most anticipated games of 2021 plus we also discuss Cyber Shadow, Indivisible, The Pedestrian and Cyberpunk 2077.

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  • Loofton

    I’d totally watch Frank stream Control or Yooka-Laylee.

    Dawgs, upload the YouTube video BEFORE the podcast! I want to watch the video but I gotta listen as soon as it drops on my Podcast app. I have no …Control

  • HuckCity

    We try our best, but sometimes it doesn’t work out with our schedules. Frank edits the podcast version and I do the video. We try to get them out as close and fast as possible, but this week was a bit off

  • I automatically boycott any company that forces me to use Facebook for anything. Sites that use Facebook comments or restaurants that you have to go to Facebook to see their menu or anything like that. I nope out immediately.

    So return that shit Frank!

  • Games Men, would you care to share any of your Playstation 2020 wrap up info?

  • Thanks guys. More than I had hoped for!