Film Junk Podcast Episode #784: News of the World + Psycho Goreman


0:00 – Intro
8:20 – Review: News of the World
31:40 – Trailer Trash: Godzilla vs. Kong
41:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Psycho Goreman, Greed, Pretend It’s a City, Apollo 11: Quarantine, The Matrix Trilogy, Tiger, Replicas, Feels Good Man, WandaVision, Interstellar
2:16:25 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
2:24:20 – Outro

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  • Matej Jozanovic

    Plains, Trains, and ought-to-mo’-bills?

  • Lori Cerny

    Sean, you don’t need a backstory for the humans the superheroes save in the Marvel films, so why would you need it in a monster flick?

  • Johnny

    I think it’s funny that I’m the exact opposite when it comes to nolan than frank. I couldn’t care less for his films, but I love the guy for fighting the good fight. We need the theatrical experience.

  • Sean

    Well, I would argue you do need it for the supporting characters in Marvel movies too! But in that case, the superheroes themselves can be the ones with all the character development. Godzilla and Kong can’t. They can emote in some ways but they aren’t really characters you can hang a 90 minute story on. In general though, all I was trying to say is that the screen time in between the giant monster battles is still important and sometimes overlooked… and never shown in a trailer. :)

  • Beat_C

    great episode. i love having zak on the show.

  • Ben Bueno

    Thanks guys!

  • Nobody

    I think a Shin Godzilla review leading to the release of the movie, or a double review, would be cool since Jay and Frank haven’t seen it.
    It’s interesting to compare how different the recent Hollywood and Japanese Godzilla’s approaches have been. I found the the in-between-monsters stuff in Shin Godzilla to be so much better than what we’ve seen in these last few American Godzillas. The characters may not be very deep individually, but together they formed a good ensemble with a range of entertaining personalities that the movie utilized well for its political satire. It’s an approach I don’t think we’d see in a Hollywood Godzilla.

  • Lior

    The best western in recent years is The Mandalorian.

    Also, I didn’t see News of the World, but the story kind of reminds of a reversed The Searchers.

  • vediovis02

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