Film Junk Podcast Episode #783: Cobra Kai: Season 3


0:00 – Intro
14:20 – Review: Cobra Kai: Season 3
54:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: WandaVision, Instant Family, Barefoot in the Park, The Kid Detective, Locked Down, Trainwreck, Buried Alive, The Old Guard, Guest House, One Cut of the Dead, Never Rarely Sometimes Always
1:41:00 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:49:15 – Outro
1:53:05 – Spoiler Discussion: Cobra Kai: Season 3

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  • Jay Lee

    Frank is the Rich Evans of Film Junk.

  • Matej Jozanovic

    The Kid Detective sounds almost exactly like Mystery Team with Donald Glover and his Derrick Comedy group.

  • Only halfway through but you’re missing the point of John Crees backstory. It isn’t there to learn about him, it’s there to introduce the other guy (I don’t wanna spoil it here). The other guy (who “owes him for life”) is the whole point of the flash back.

  • Ok it was alluded to later. @sean I HIGHLY recommend watching KK part 3 before next season. Because that’s where it’s going next.

  • waxwrath

    Really excited to see if Frank loves or absolutely loathes The Climb. Did he ever get around to seeing Toni Erdmann? That was the vibe I got from The Climb.

  • frankw35

    Can’t believe I went 30 years w/o seeing The Karate Kid but for some reason I had taken the “kid” literally and thought it was about a 12 year old as opposed to an older HS student, and just kind of missed the age group that it would have appealed to. Just watched it (purely to have a clue what’s going on if I watch Cobra Kai) and admit I dropped a little tear. That Hillary Swank…wow. But I thought Ralph Macchio was in this?

  • Mrespony

    If another fucking person mentions this show to me they’re gonna get the hardest crane kick to the crotch possible, that means you too ladies.

  • I’m with Frank on “Locked Down.” People on LetterBoxd are calling this thing the worst movie ever.

    And while I didn’t think it was amazing, I actually kind of liked most of it.

    I TOO LOVE JUMPER DAX! Totally shat upon unfairly.

  • Glen

    I wish Filmjunk had chosen another TV show to review. This seemed like an odd choice. I never heard of it until a few weeks ago.

  • Finally got to the spoiler part and Frank finally figured it out. I love you guys but I hate it when you review big, franchise, “fan shows” but don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    Jay should should know Terry Silver as the head Vampire in John Carpenter’s Vampires.

    Also Jay you owe Frank twenty bucks.

  • devolutionary

    I actually thought Terry Silver was one of the few interesting characters in KK Part III, as over-the-top as he is.

  • schizopolis

    Listening to Jay welsh on a bet is pure gold! I rewound that 3 times! ????

  • Sean

    But haven’t you heard? It’s actually good! :)

  • I agree. For some reason I like that actor and I like that the only “real” fight Myagi ever gets into in the entire series is with Silver and Kreese in part III.

    So bringing him back and hopefully bringing in Thomas Ian Griffith (?) to play him would be great. That character would provide a real threat to Myagi-do and even Eagle Fang.

    I love this show lol.

    “Sensei, is there any particular way I should wash these windows?”
    “Nah, I don’t give a shit.”

  • Lior

    Had no real interest in WandaVision and was only periphery aware of it, but after hearing this review I’m intrigued so I’ll give it a try.

    On the other hand, I tried to find Makeshift Family everywhere and couldn’t! Where is this hidden gem?

  • Bryan Wolford

    So with the Wandavision differences between episode 1 and 2. It shows the change of styles in tv history by the first episode being confined to sets while in episode 2 they venture out to location shooting out in the neighborhood.

  • vediovis02

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