Ray Fisher Will Not Appear as Cyborg in The Flash


With all the Batman-related casting news we’ve been hearing for The Flash, you might wonder why there hasn’t been any discussion about other Justice League characters returning for the movie as well. A few years back, The Flash movie was being envisioned as a buddy movie with Cyborg taking on a major role, but that was before they decided to structure it around the Flashpoint storyline from the comics. Now this week we are hearing that Cyborg will no longer be appearing in the movie, or at least, if he is, Ray Fisher will not be reprising the role. The removal of Fisher appears to be related to his accusations of misconduct against Joss Whedon and others during Justice League reshoots. Fisher released the following statement on Twitter this week:

Warner Brothers have responded by saying that Fisher’s removal was essentially his choice, since he is refusing to be involved in any production associated with current president of DC Films, Walter Hamada. The full scope of Fisher’s accusations have yet to be revealed but it appears that Joss Whedon’s relationship with Warner Brothers has been severed as a result (he stepped down from production of HBO series The Nevers back in November). That being said, Fisher is still continuing to speak out against Geoff Johns, Jon Berg and Walter Hamada and it seems unlikely that this will be the last we hear about this matter.

  • Chris

    Such a fucking shame. I absolutely LOVED his nuanced approach to that character. There is a fucking subtlety to his minor brow movements that I absolutely LOVE. Such a fucking shame.

  • eliantigiorgi

    LOL your career is over LOL!!!