Film Junk Podcast Episode #781: Another Round


0:00 – Intro
5:35 – Review: Another Round
29:10 – Hot Topic: Should All Rewatches Be Logged on Letterboxd?
54:50 – CheapCharts Bits
1:03:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Wolfwalkers, Long Way Up, Soul, Boys State, Extra Ordinary, Primal Fear, Ted Lasso, Time to Hunt, Baby God, Cobra Kai, Saint Frances, We Can Be Heroes, Possessor, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, Scary Tales (1993)
1:55:55 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
2:01:40 – Outro

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  • I don’t know if Frank pissed in Jays cereal or something, but lately Jay has been on Frank’s ass about literally everything. Frank suddenly can’t have an opinion on anything without Jay psychoanalyzing the reasons why Frank thinks something. It’s growing very tiresome.

  • devolutionary

    As a free teaser for the Long Way Up Series, you can check out 83 min of POV footage from Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman on Apple TV’s Youtube channel.

  • Just using his noodle.

  • milan
  • Ben Bueno

    Solid ep guys

  • Ben Bueno

    Great episode guys. Enjoyed the grilling, Jay’s unhinged lately but Frank’s holding is own.

  • Matej Jozanovic

    What is the Chris Farley sketch Frank keeps looking for? What happens in it?

  • Beat_C

    i guess everyone’s got to have their outlets in this strange situation we’re all in. in that sense, frank ironically does a lot for jay’s mental health.

  • devolutionary
  • pcch7

    You either die a hero, or live to see yourself become the villain. Who knew Frank would become the letterboxd villain

  • Jay Lee

    Jay clowning Frank is my favorite part of this podcast overall…. never gets old for me.

  • andyluvsfilms

    Another Round was my No.8 for 2020. Worked even better on a rewatch.

  • Sam

    I really wish this could be customized. Most are decent lists, but stuff like Box Office Mojo (which I’ll never finish), and a few of the other ones I’m not all that interested . Would be cool if they let you customize at least a row of it.

    Looks like I have the AFI trophy already. Get on it Frank.

  • Lior

    The Letterboxd question is an interesting one. While I don’t feel like we should log absolutely anything, for me personally Letterboxd is both a statistic tool and personal diary. So conceivably, when you don’t log, it doesn’t go into the stats and it doesn’t represent your true movie-watching. I find real value in looking at something I logged seven years ago and seeing what I thought about it at the time, be it a full review or just star rating.

    While I admit that sometimes it feels silly to log absolutely everything, I try and log at least 90 percent of what I’m watching, and I’m always experimenting with the format. For example, I watch movies in my day job, and up until a few years ago I would log them, but then I stopped. Now I’m thinking of logging them again but without a star rating, because I don’t see them in optimal conditions (work prints) but I do watch the movie so it perhaps should go in my stats.

    At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice. And like anything else, your Letterboxd profile is a mirror of your inner mental state. Or maybe it’s not, what do I know….
    But gosh, Letteboxd is awesome.

  • Craig

    I log everything I watch. Makes it easier for the end of year list if nothing else. Especially as I’m in the UK and the release dates on there are the US ones so quite often don’t match up.

    For example Parasite and Uncut Gems are 2020 releases for me.

  • Lior

    I really want to know what happened with Franks’ Twilight Zone watch. Are you still watching, Frank? I’m already starting season 3, come on! This is prime Patreon material.

    My three Letterboxd new year resolutions, and we’ll see if I can make it stick:

    – logging work-related watches (but no star rating for the most part, unless in special cases)
    – adding the format the movie was watched on to reviews (with the Film Junk approved code name “library” assigned to torrents).
    – Logging TV/Internet mini-series. I consider these as one long movies so I think they are loggable. I would still not log ongoing TV shows with multiple seasons, but I’m starting to crack otherwise. I see no reason not to log something like The Queen’s Gambit.

    But the issue here, and it’s a BIG issue, is that while Letterboxd encourages logging TV and shorts and music concerts and all that stuff, it still counts everything as MOVIES. That is not gonna fly. If I log TV I wanna know how much TV I watched. This can potentially skew the entire stats. Come on, Letteboxd.

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