Game Junk Prototype Episode #42: KFConsole Cluckbait


We debate whether the KFConsole is actually worth talking about, recommend some sports games for non-sports fans and discuss all the games we played over the holidays including Immortals Fenyx Rising, NHL 21, Children of Morta, Super Meat Boy Forever, Yes Your Grace, Murder By Numbers, Call of the Sea.

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  • SloppyDetective

    Nice pod boys.

    Frank, do you have the Xbox elite controller or the paddle adapter for the ps4? I can already hear you saying paddles aren’t for you but I’ve found the ps4 paddles a great addition to the standard controller. I did switch to bumper jumper a few years back and now I get hard whenever I can replace a face button with something that keeps my thumbs on the sticks. The paddles are on sale rn, probably to clear inventory, and I’m super glad I picked one up, and am now disappointed the ps5 doesn’t have them.

    Also Action Button posted a new video today on what looks to be an interesting Japanese game, check it out.

  • pcch7

    Good to hear Frank is getting into Hades, such a good game. And it gets even better after you’ve run through it a few times and start progressing all the stories and getting weapon upgrades and unlocking aspects etc.

    Darkest Dunegeon is one of my absolute favorite games, it’s fantastic. Doesn’t feel like a game Frank would play but I hope he digs it. As for recommendations, Terraria is pretty great. Enter the Gungeon as well, can’t remember if he’s played that.