Film Junk Premium Podcast #85: The Hobbit Trilogy


“All good stories deserve embellishment.” With the recent re-release of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy on 4K UHD, we thought it would be an appropriate time to revisit these three very divisive films and see if they hold up better in reality than they did in our minds. The resulting conversation jumps all over the place as we cover such topics as CG vs. practical effects, differences from the book, fantasy genre conventions, fan service and pandering, the nature of the hot dwarf gene and whether you can see the seams at a higher frame rate. Do the extended editions actually improve any of these films? Why does Thorin really need that Arkenstone? Would you kiss a dead body? Most importantly, can any of these movies be considered Christmas movies? Don’t let dragon sickness seep into your heart… download this month’s premium podcast below and keep the darkness at bay.

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  • pcch7

    I’m with Sean, I liked the extended versions more than I remember liking the theatrical releases

  • pcch7

    About the camp fire sequence when the trolls turn to stone, I’m pretty sure in the book it’s Gandalf hiding in the woods and whispering suggestions to the trolls about how to cook them until the sun comes up

  • Plisskenetic

    My god, frank has never sounded so much like a super d*ck unlike here! I don’t mind him not liking something but he was so lazy by just saying “worst thing ever” worst writing ever”, “worst character ever”, all variations of “ever, ever” over and over it got so f**kin boring/ annoying. Luckily Jay and Sean were their usual critic self and although I wished Jay liked more stuff of the Hobbit trilogy he nevertheless almost unfailingly can articulate his comments a zillion times better than frank!! I swear if anyone can make a case tht frank’s review-ability “has gone to sh*t” (frank’s exact words tht he used before btw, annoyingly!), here it is. I’d almost ask for my $1 back cos of that, but I still did like what Jay and Sean said at least.

  • Lori Cerny

    When the films were first released, I had to watch them because of my job. What a slog! Kudos to you all because I couldn’t get paid enough to sit through them again.

    I also had to watch 2012’s Les Misérables three times; the fourth time I refused!!!

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