Film Junk Podcast Episode #778: Sound of Metal


0:00 – Intro
21:20 – Review: Sound of Metal
49:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: You’ve Got Mail, The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, Let Them All Talk, Deadly Games aka Dial Code Santa Claus, Bloody Nose Empty Pockets, Lost Bullet, Deerskin, Small Axe: Mangrove
1:26:10 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:28:18 – Outro

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  • stevens1

    Sound of Metal was fine but no more than that, felt underdeveloped in places.

    How quickly Ahmed’s character moved on from his instrument made no sense – he barely gives it a second thought once he’s in camp beyond selling it. Olivia Cooke disappears for most of the film, as does their relationship, and we don’t spend enough time with them at the start for it to mean much at the end. Ahmed and Raci were great though.

  • Sean

    Actually that reminds me, I was wondering how long people thought he was staying with the deaf community for. I assume it must take you at least a few months to learn sign language but maybe even longer to be fluent. Based on that passage of time, most of it seemed plausible to me.

    I also don’t think the movie was totally against the cochlear implants, more just against the illusion that they can completely restore hearing with no complications or side effects. They didn’t bring him happiness, although they might make his life easier in some ways.

  • benvernel

    Loved Sound of Metal. Drummer for drummer’s sake.

  • Frankie returning his “sticker remnant” copy of Tenet to the customer service at Wal-Mart.

    “That’s what I sleep with every night,” throws UHD on the counter. “Do you understand the responsibility that you have?”

  • stevens1

    I think it was more the message from the camp leader combined with Riz’s experience that gave me that feeling. Didn’t Raci say something along the lines that it made deaf people feel less human? I don’t doubt there are some who feel like that, but there are likely just as many who think the tech can help. There didn’t seem to be anything positive said about the tech at all, especially when you factor in how the film ended. It’s a very purest point of view that seemed a little odd.

  • Maybe I misread the film but the impression I got was that Riz’ implants just didn’t fully work (yet) as intended. Meaning in some instances the implants do a better job than portrayed here in the end (at least I would hope so since if that’s an accurate depiction of how life with implants is I’d rather be deaf too).

  • stevens1

    Yeah I just didn’t see anything counter argument supporting them as a good thing. Especially given Raci’s character stance on them. But even that aside, there were other issues that didn’t make this as powerful as it should have been.

  • Niklas nik Nilsson

    I give Jay 6 months and then he will also start hating the crackheads living in the fucking tents

  • Nik

    I give Jay 6 months and then he will also start hating the crackheads living in the tents

  • A nice follow-up on Sound of Metal would be At First Sight where Val Kilmer plays a blind masseuse who gets his eyesight back after an experimental operation but develops issues afterwards with this sensation. Check it ooot!

  • Thanks for the heads up on Lost Bullet (“French Fast and Furious”) Sean. I’ll be watching this tomorrow night for sure!!!

  • Sean

    No prob… hope I didn’t overhype it too much. :)

  • Sean, your ratings on Sound of Metal in the Archive section are off, showing you and Jay both with 3 stars and Frank with 4 instead of 5-bangers all around.

  • Sean

    Thanks, should be fixed now.