Game Junk Prototype Episode #40: The Game Awards 2020 + Cyberpunk 2077 First Impressions


We count down our top 5 announcements from The Game Awards 2020 and discuss some of the winners plus we also give our initial impressions of Cyberpunk 2077.

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  • CyberPunk 2077 is broken hard. Even taking away the glitches and crashes, it’s a dead, lifeless boring world with shitty combat mechanics and a relentlessly confusing upgrade system. The AI is absolutely atrocious. The police system is the funniest (and most infuriating) thing ever. But then, add to that cars disappearing, people randomly changing colors, bikes floating, walking through walls and on and on and on. It’s probably the worst “AAA” game I’ve seen released in probably 15 years.

    Playstation won’t offer refunds if you’ve already downloaded the game to your system. However, you can email for some assistance. I just emailed them now to see how it goes.

  • Oh and I totally agree with Frank about picking up things within the game. It’s not an OCD thing… it’s just shitty game design. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. It’s worth picking it up because you can dismantle it or sell it. Problem is, you have to pick up a LOT of it because it’s only worth pennies. And you have to get your reticle just right over each thing in order to press the square button and grab it.

  • Sean

    I’ve only put in a couple more hours but I still haven’t had any crashes although I have seen some weird glitches (and I certainly have some complaints about the UI and gameplay). It must be pretty bad though if they issued an apology and set up an email address for refunds.

    That being said, isn’t this pretty common for a lot of these giant open world games? Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect… I feel like all of these have had games that were plagued with bugs at launch. Is it really that much worse or is it partially because of the hype as well?

  • Sure, Bethesda games in particular have some bugs. And when Witcher III first came out there were some bugs. But this one is ridiculous. The “immersion” is just terrible at all times. At no point does this game feel like it’s supposed to (comparing it to something like GTA V for example). The city is dull and completely laughable. Driverless cars that change colors if you look away for a second. Cars that disappear. My character inexplicably crawling on the street.

    But yes, it’s partially because of the hype too. Although they kept delaying and delaying and delaying and should’ve had plenty of time to fix the major issues. And the bugs in this game are really only part of the problem. The game itself just isn’t at all what was promised… in my opinion. I doubt I’ll ever come back to it even after the patches. People online saying they’re having a blast is truly baffling to me. More power to ‘em I guess.

    This is the mist succinct and accurate review of the game I’ve seen so far. And I agree with it 100%:

  • Len F.

    I’m playing on PC and have only noticed really small bugs, like a floating cellphone in a spot where there should not be anything. No crashes or major graphical issues so far and I’m about 13 hours into it now. I did have that same issue Frank talked about with the person trying to hack me; had no idea what was happening or how to deal with it. I just ended up getting lucky and randomly killing the person before it became a major problem.

    I kind of felt like Sean with this game at first; spent like an hour on my character creation, then played for 20 minutes and turned it off. A day later I went back to it and now I am a lot more into the whole world and story. I thought the main quest leading to the end of Act 1 was pretty freaking awesome, but now Act 2 has opened up so much if the world that I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Guess I just need to try and focus on something and work through it piece by piece. Once you get out of lockdown you definitely get to see a larger, more diverse world with all kinds of different neighbourhoods, which is super cool.

    Overall I’m enjoying the game; it’s far from perfect, but I really do like the world and a lot of the characters so I will definitely be sticking with it.

    Any of you guys going to go for a refund? Seems like many people are.

  • Len F.

    Oh I forgot to say, can you please play/discuss Death Stranding? Have a real love/hate with that one myself and would love to hear your opinions on it. Might force me to go back to playing it…

  • OsoDuck

    What I’ve been reading a lot of on forums is that the spectacle of the bugs is sort of godsend for CDPR because the bugs hide the fact that the game, outside of its main story, could fairly be called bad. The police/wanted system, in particular, is essentially non-existent.