Film Junk Podcast Episode #776: Field of Dreams + My Psychedelic Love Story


0:00 – Intro
18:40 – Retro Review: Field of Dreams
1:03:40 – Review: My Psychedelic Love Story
1:20:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The World The Flesh and the Devil, Hillbilly Elegy, Memory: The Origins of Alien, Mosul, Alien Xmas
1:39:20 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:43:55 – Outro

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  • Deven Science

    Zero comments? Jesus, this place is dead. I know some comment over on the Patreon, but come on!

    Jay, I watched The World, The Flesh, and The Devil years ago on Turner Classic Movies. I was super impressed, both with how modern it felt, and how well they added the wrinkle of race into their love triangle. As soon as another white showed up, something that wasn’t a factor before suddenly became one.

    Great movie.

  • Beat_C

    i know, it’s sad. i was the only person to comment on last week’s show. maybe sean is pulling some strings backstage to force everyone to become a patron ????

  • Sean

    What can I say… cinema is dead. There aren’t that many comments over on Patreon either. But we do make all the Patreon posts public once they go live here so you can always go check there as well. Still waiting and hoping for a solution to merge comments in some way…

  • Never saw Field of Dreams until a couple of years ago. Was surprised back then that the field is built merely 30 minutes into the film which then becomes a sort of road movie. Checking on my Letterboxd review it seems like I too had issues with the Hot Dog choke/slap thing.

  • Lior

    Sean, I got a solution for you: only post the weekly show here on the website. That will limit the discussion to a single place. I’m on Patreon and I wouldn’t mind it at all. I’m not sure why everyone’s commenting on Patreon which is much worse than Disqus when it comes to comments. Patreon is just for extra stuff anyway. The weekly show is not extra. It’s a shame that the community has been fractured in such a way.

  • Sean

    The only problem is that early access is also a Patreon perk, so the show gets posted there first. Maybe an option is to lock comments for the regular episodes on Patreon, although I feel like that could stifle discussion as well.

    I agree it sucks that the community has been divided but in some ways Patreon has created a stronger community than we ever had on the regular site. Maybe the right answer is to shut down this site and move everything to Patreon, which I have been resisting but may be inevitable. Then we just make the regular episodes public after a day and the comments stay in one place. I agree that their comment system sucks though.

  • Lior

    I wouldn’t want to see the website being shut down… I don’t think Patreon can replace it, but I certainly notice the activity here has been winding down… there used to be reviews, special projects, all kinds of stuff. Also what you do post gets very few comments/discussion if at all. It seems most of the community is either on Reddit or Patreon. Or maybe I’m just nostalgic. I remember times when the website was really percolating with activity… heck, half of my Letterboxd is people who used to comment here.

  • Sean

    Yep, trust me, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but haven’t been able to figure out what the next step for the site should be. I don’t have time to write as much anymore and we really just want to put most of the focus on the podcast itself.

    A lot of podcasts don’t have websites at all and their community mostly exists on social media. I don’t know if that’s right for us, but we definitely don’t lean into social media as much we could.

    We do have something cool in the works that could help push us in a particular direction. And I may reach out to the community for more ideas and feedback in the near future. But thanks to the folks out there who are still reading this. :)

  • James Merchant

    Sounds good Sean! Totally here for this and excited to see what you guys have in store.

  • Ben Bueno

    I don’t know, I think we’re seeing less action on the site because let’s face it this is the worst year in cinema history (the actual worst year as opposed to every other year Frank has said this), and there’s not that much to talk about. Add to that the fact that the guys can’t sit in the same room which slightly changes the dynamic, and I guess that might explain it.
    Once the pandemic starts to die down I’m sure things would get back to normal. I’m a new listener (2017) but to me the podcast just keeps getting better and funnier each year (have listened back to 2014). Don’t eulogize Film Junk just yet!

  • mozgdrom

    Don’t have anything substantial to add regarding the episode but I’m just flipping through the comments here and it never occurred to me to comment. So yeah, as a long time listener (almost ten years now, yeesh) just want to say thanks guys for all you do. Definitely my favourite podcast.

    Also, time to watch Field of Dreams again. As a non-American, it’s one of the most American movies I can think of. Have a good one.