Game Junk Prototype Episode #38: The Game Awards Nominees + Xbox Series X First Impressions


We discuss the nominees for The Game Awards 2020 and debate Phil Spencer’s comments about toxic fans, plus Frank buys an Xbox Series X and we talk Watchdogs: Legion, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, Maneater and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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  • SloppyDetective

    I would subscribe to a game junk patreon if one of the subscriber goals was Huck will be tipsy for every recording.

    I bet that Zelda game is getting a Covid bump. Games media, at least in the States, is full of coastal bubble pussies that won’t shut up, this year, about mindless games set in a beautiful world that don’t have any obvious parallels to the real world, and are always complaining about media that’s “too dark” right now.

    Seems like the PS5 hardware and software is having a lot more problems than the Xbone. Have you guys had any stick drift, or crashes when games are suspended? Not surprised Frank “missed” those stories ; ) but Sony’s excellent games seem to be buoying the console with its current flaws.

  • Sean

    Forgot to mention that I had my first PS5 crash this week… immediately after I got my platinum trophy from Astro’s Playroom.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    I’m pretty sure I talked about my 3 PS5 crashes on last week’s episode. My Series X has crashed twice and has numerous issues pausing and resuming downloads (among other small issues). My friend’s Series X crashed 4 times will playing COD online in one extended session. Both seem to be having launch issues which unfortunately is something I’ve come to expect from new consoles.

    In my experience thus far, the stability issue is a neutral battle in THE CONSOLE WARS.