Game Junk Prototype Episode #37: Capcom Hack + Project 007 Announcement


We discuss the Capcom hack, some of their leaked upcoming games and IO Interactive’s upcoming Bond game announcement plus we talk Final Fantasy VIII, River City Girls and more Playstation 5 talk including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Bugsnax.

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  • SloppyDetective

    I guess I’ve been completely out of the loop news wise cuz the leaks and announcements were all new to me.

    IO making a Bond game seems like a perfect fit. I conceptually like the two new Hitman gams but am not super into playing them. They already feel Bondish with their music cues, globe trotting levels, and infiltrating areas through subterfuge. If they get a good hand to hand combat system (I’m thinking batman counters cross MGS cqc) and maybe incorporate dialogue trees with their Hitman design philosophy they could make something pretty cool. And it’s great to hear IO get a shot at a big franchise after going independent so recently.

    Wasn’t the last bit of Metroid Prime 4 news that they got a new team lead for the game? Feel like that happened at some point this year. Nintendo is on thin ice with me any ways. I need a switch pro with breath of the wild 2 before I care about their shit again.

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