Film Junk Podcast Episode #774: Best of the Best + Holidate


0:00 – Intro: Frank’s Batman Returns Blunder
17:00 – Retro Review: Best of the Best (1989)
1:15:00 – Review: Holidate
1:41:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Secret of My Success, The Outpost, Cobra Kai: Season 2, Rocky, Moonbase 8, Night School, The Wild Goose Lake, Somebody Feed Phil, The Undoing, I Am Greta, Lady Bird, The Holiday, Norbit
2:34:20 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
2:41:15 – Outro

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  • Y‘all need to watch Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets from the Ross Bros. – I think Jay would (or should) love it, it even has amateur actors and fireworks in it. Frank probably would enjoy the characters as well. Recommend that one whole-heartedly.

  • Jay Lee

    BOTB was not DTV, both 1 and 2 were theatrically released in the US and elswhere.

  • Sean

    I did rent this on iTunes so I will be watching at some point in the next month.

  • Nobody

    Glad to hear you liked Wild Goose Lake, Sean. You might enjoy the director’s prior film, “Black Coal, Thin Ice,” even more. I think it’s interesting that Wild Goose Lake is set in Wuhan, a place everyone has now become familiar with.
    With the way this director stages sharp, violent set pieces, I think he could nail a full-on action movie if he wanted to.

  • Sam

    Clidvic, new entry to the glossary?

    Looks like ol Roger also tried to push the term for his review of Youngblood.

  • Beat_C

    jay being away lead to some great guest appearances, and i’m here for it.

  • Laveta Breckenridge

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  • Sean

    Huh, I did not realize it was actually set in Wuhan… weird. I am definitely planning to check out Black Coal Thin Ice at some point.