Film Junk Podcast Episode #773: Possessor


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s Trump Sighting + Blu-ray Shopping
19:35 – Review: Possessor
48:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Scary Tales (1993), Back to the Future 4K, Jurassic Park 4K, Sweetheart, Friday the 13th Box Set, Whodunit aka Island of Blood, Cemetery of Terror, The Mortuary Collection, Modern Romance, Outland
1:18:10 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:29:00 – Outro
1:32:00 – Spoiler Discussion: Possessor

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  • colin the dude

    For anyone who has been craving the Jay factor of late, I recommend going back to episode 629: A Ghost Story. This is one of my favorite Jay performances. He is throwing 101 in this one. Legendary stuff.

  • Beat_C

    Christopher Abbott was also in “It Comes At Night”, which you guys reviewed IIRC.

  • Deven Science

    I remember really liking Outland, and thinking it an overlooked sci-fi classic.

  • chris

    Hey Sean, give Woody another shot. Check out Crimes and Misdemeanors, Hannah and Her Sisters, and The Purple Rose of Cairo. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you write-off his diverse filmography because you find him whiny (which he is). I’ll even lend you my boxset(s)! Fan from Toronto.

  • Sam

    Watched and rewatched a ton of Woody this year after buying all the Arrow Academy sets. Definitely recommend those you mentioned, but also really like Manhattan, Radio Days, and Zelig. Zelig in particular seems like it could maybe be Sean’s sense of humor.

  • Sean

    Yeah I guess I should have been a little more clear, I actually like most of the Woody Allen movies I’ve seen (Annie Hall, Manhattan, a couple of the more recent ones). I just think that in a direct comparison, comedically speaking, I prefer Albert Brooks. But I would like to check out many of the movies you guys mentioned.

  • Kurt

    Watched this on the day Connery Died. It’s astoundingly good (albeit the effects are dated in a way that ALIEN has not suffered). My only wish is that there was more Peter Boyle in the film.

  • Kurt

    Possessor was a huge let down for me. I liked the visuals and cinematography, but everything else was flat – acting, motivation, purpose.

  • Sam

    As Connery goes, would recommend Sean to check out The Man Who Would Be King, especially considering he loved Lawrence of Arabia.

    Also, Lumet’s The Hill is great too. Two of my favorite Connery movies.

  • devolutionary

    For a workmanlike director, Peter Hyams is pretty unheralded. Capricorn One, 2010, of course Outland, and even Narrow Margin. Not a particularly good movie, but even have a soft spot for JCVD’s Sudden Death. It’s just a shame that he was willing to direct so many mediocre scripts.