Stardust Trailer Starring Johnny Flynn as David Bowie


Fresh off its premiere at the Raindance Film Festival, the first trailer for the upcoming David Bowie biopic Stardust has arrived online. Needless to say, any Bowie biopic was bound to be under a lot of scrutiny but this is an unauthorized film without the blessing of Bowie’s family and without the rights to use any of his music, which makes it an even harder sell. Starring British musician Johnny Flynn (Emma, Lovesick) in the lead role, the movie focuses on Bowie’s 1971 tour of the U.S. and the creation of his Ziggy Stardust persona. Marc Maron plays publicist Ron Oberman while Jena Malone plays his then wife Angie. Directed by Gabriel Range (Death of a President), Stardust arrives in select theatres and on VOD on Nov. 25th. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • Lori Cerny

    As a child of the 70s, this is a must-see for me.