Ben Wheatley to Direct The Meg 2


Ben Wheatley’s Rebecca debuted on Netflix this past weekend to mixed reviews but at this point that is nothing new for Wheatley. His films have a reputation for being messy and challenging, although somewhat ironically, many have said that Rebecca does not actually feel like a Ben Wheatley movie. Either way, as he continues to line up progressively bigger projects and move away from the smaller genre films he built his career on, this latest project seems like an interesting bridge between the two. Warner Brothers has reportedly hired him to direct the upcoming sequel to their blockbuster shark thriller The Meg. Hit the jump for more details.

According to THR, Ben Wheatley will direct The Meg 2 for Warner Brothers from a script written by Jon and Erich Hoeber (Battleship, My Spy). The first movie was directed by Jon Turtletaub and was also written by the Hoeber Brothers, making an astonishing $530 million worldwide. Jason Statham is expected to return and will supposedly have some creative input although it is unclear how many other cast members will be back.

In many ways, Wheatley and Turtletaub seem like polar opposites and it will be very interesting to see how much creative freedom Wheatley is given with this sequel. The original film was rated PG-13, which is one of the major complaints that genre fans had with it, but up until now Wheatley has mostly specialized in violent R-rated fare (the aforementioned Rebecca being the exception). On the other hand, the movie would not have made nearly as much money if it had been rated R so it’s hard to imagine Warners going in that direction. This is the second tentpole sequel that Wheatley is attached to, having also signed on for MGM’s Tomb Raider 2. Are you excited to see a Ben Wheatley-directed giant shark movie?

  • Lori Cerny

    Meg looked okay, but was limp and boring. Don’t think I can handle another round of the same.