Tim Burton in Talks for The Addams Family TV Series


With The Addams Family CG animated movie proving to be a hit for MGM last year and a sequel getting officially announced earlier this month, we are also hearing that MGM is planning to bring back the characters in another format as well. MGM TV is reportedly developing a live-action TV series based on The Addams Family with multiple studios currently bidding on it including Netflix. Tim Burton is also circling the project, which seems like it could be a pretty big draw considering that this is the first time Burton has really put his full creative force behind a television series. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Deadline, Tim Burton is in negotiations to executive produce and possibly direct The Addams Family, a new live-action series based on the comics by Charles Addams. This is a case where Burton would not just direct the pilot but potentially every episode of the show, which is more than a little surprising. Up until now, the only real TV shows with Burton’s name on them have been the Beetlejuice and Family Dog animated series from the ’90s, although he did also direct an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents back in the day.

The new show is said to be set in the present day and told “from the perspective of Wednesday Addams and what the world would look like to her in 2020.” Smallville producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are listed as the head writers on the show and will also serve as showrunners. The last time The Addams Family was seen on the small screen was a short-lived series called The New Addams Family back in 1998. Would you watch an Addams Family TV series from Tim Burton?

  • Lori Cerny

    Time Burton – blech; I am so not a fan.

    I would love a new series, but we’ve already had campy, so would prefer a super dark version. Who would play Gomez, though? Anya Taylor-Joy would be a cool Wednesday, but she’s a tad too old now.