Film Junk Premium Podcast #84: The Scream Franchise


“Do you like scary movies?” To celebrate Halloween this year, we decided to revisit Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s Scream series, the inventive slasher franchise that brought the horror genre back from the dead in the late ’90s. We all had strong memories of seeing most of these movies the first time around but we were eager to see how they hold up today. Discussion points include the trademark ambitious opening sequences, the trend of casting of TV stars, the so-called “rules” of horror movies and Ghostface as an iconic horror movie villain. What is the most underrated element of the Ghostface costume? How did Dewey and Gale become such beloved characters in this series? Does blood always come from a vein? Which member of the Film Junk crew would have no hesitation about killing in self-defense? Check your conscience at the door and download this month’s premium podcast below.

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  • OsoDuck

    Drew (Barrymore?) these when I revisited the Scream series last year and I don’t think I completely embarrassed myself. Scream 2 is the best one. Mostly because of the examination of the ritual of the horror movie. The cult-like ritual in the opening in the theater that essentially ends with human sacrifice; and the ritual in the theater at the end with Derek on a cross, which is foreshadowed during the theater rehearsal of an Agamemnon type play. I also love the Agamemnon play rehearsal because its sort of a flip off to critics that historically believe that the slasher is certainly not the stuff of Greek tragedy. All this considered, I think it makes the theatrical Scooby Doo ending more enjoyable. Although I do agree that Dewey and Gale stuff is obnoxious.

  • Shane M

    The reason you bleed when you’re cut and don’t hit a vein, is because you have severed capillaries, which are extremely tiny branch-like blood vessels that connect arteries to veins.

    Loved the episode!

  • Lori Cerny

    A really fun premium!

    Psst, I like the Dewey/Gail storyline, so there’s at least one fan.

  • Nic

    Thanks for another great Premium guys, the horror premiums are always among my favorites and this one didn’t disappoint! Growing up in the nineties and early 2000s, the Scream franchise (and the Scary Movie films) are heavily nostalgic for me and I would love a post-Scream Slasher Premium (Urban Legends 1&2, I know what you did last summer 1&2, Cherry Falls) at some point in the future. I for one really like the Dewey/Gail dynamic but I agree that they overdid it in part 3. Overall though I still think that the re-appearing core group of characters really help the films and set them apart among horror sequels.
    Hearing Frank gush about these movies and saying that the jumpscares didn’t bother him anymore just reaffirmed my belief that he has gone full horrorhead: His favorite film of last year was a horror movie (Midsommar), he was very positive on the last few horror premiums and now he’s even a hardcore Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan and really wants to watch the Saw films. I think this substantial change in Frank’s stance towards the genre needs to be discussed on the show!

    As for other horror franchises you haven’t covered in a premium yet, the biggest ones for me would be Child’s Play/Chucky and Phantasm. Then there’s also Hellraiser but I’ve only heard terrible things about all of them after part 3, so maybe you could do a Clive Barker (Hellraiser Trilogy + Lord Of Illusion + Candyman) premium. There are a lot of terrible horror franchises with quite a few entries (Leprechaun, House, Amityville, Puppet Master) and also some post 2000s franchises (Saw, Wrong Turn, Final Destination) that you could discuss. So you haven’t reached the end of horror franchises just yet!

  • Indianamcclain

    I don’t know why the principal was killed in Scream 1, but Drew Barrymore’s character dumped Matthew Lillard’s character in favor of the jock. Safe to say that they were both killed as a form of revenge.

  • John

    Definitely was talking to the pod when they weren’t sure why Drew Barrymore died. That was definitely Stu getting revenge for being dumped. Rose McGowan was also kinda pushing him around a bit if I remember right, so he wasn’t a fan of her either and that put her on the hit list. The principal was strung up on the flagpole and it cleared out the party, leaving Sidney and other main targets alone. I agree that in the sequels it’s more willy nilly, but in 1 the deaths and killer motivation are pretty well thought out.

  • Sam

    The boys almost touched on an issue I had with Scream 3. When they were talking about movies taking liberties with the stories of movies so heavily based on true stories and whether or not that would happen. Overall, I understand taking liberties, but the part I thought was ridiculous was when Gail was talking to Parker Posey and they realized that the people are getting killed in the order they die in the script and then Gail asks “who dies next?!?” and then Parker tells her “you do”. I find that pretty damn harsh and a pretty huge liberty to take to kill off a character portraying a “REAL” person with their “REAL” name involved in a “REAL” massacre when they haven’t died yet. I found it a little ridiculous and kind of funny though to be honest.

  • Sam

    You forgot to add the glitter!!

  • Sean

    Capillaries! Of course. Thanks for the fact check.

  • Sean

    Huh, I do remember them saying that Matthew Lillard’s character used to date Drew Barrymore’s but I didn’t fully grasp that it was revenge.

  • Surprisingly brief talk about Scream 4 with a mere 15 minutes and half of that talk was about killing a family member in real life or not and Saw rather than the film. At least there’s episode 315 where you covered the film more in depth.

  • Colin

    The diving board discussion/discovery will go down as a FJ all time classic.

  • Tommy

    No mention of Dawn Wiener as Jamie Kennedy’s sister in 3? C’mon Frankie!

  • Daniel Lindquist

    Microwave popcorn conversation:

    As Howard Stern fans, Jay and Frank should have been aware of “popcorn lung” – the affliction that Scott the Engineer was believed to have had, caused by inhaling the air from microwave popcorn bags (or in Scott’s case, the use of a vape). I assume this is what Sean was referring to.