Game Junk Reviews: Ghost of Tsushima


Dax and Scott join Frank and Andrew for a full review of the PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima.

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  • Kevin Cardoza

    The term you are looking for is “Weeaboo”.

  • John Abides

    I was just logging in to say this too! But I’ve heard it shortened to “Weeb”.

  • Good show. Glad you got into the presentation choices for this game. I haven’t played on “Kurosawa” mode yet, but I am absolutely playing through with the Japanese audio and English subs. It’s a much more immersive experience that way.

    Also kind of disagree with you guys about the side missions. Yes, some of them get a little tedious, but it’s not like you have to do hundreds of them in a row. Just do one or two while on your way to the next story mission. I mean you kind of need to do these things to power up your gear and get charms, etc. Also, I really like the challenges of getting to some of those shrines – following a fox or trying to figure out a way up a mountain or whatever. Yeah if I just did these non-stop it would get boring, but when I just do a couple/three between story missions, it makes the game a lot more fun. Hard disagree that just rushing through and only doing story missions is the way to play this game.

    Biggest gripe in the game is what Huckcity said, the villages need a mini-map to tell you where the different vendors are. It’s so frustrating just roaming around a village looking for these guys. I also agree with Huck about the fact that there is no mini-map for the rest of the game. I like knowing where I’m going while still looking at the enviornment.