The Kid Detective Trailer Starring Adam Brody


There was some decent buzz for Evan Morgan’s The Kid Detective coming out of TIFF this year, but unfortunately the movie was only playing for press and not for the general public. Now this week, Sony has suddenly dropped a trailer and set a theatrical release date of this Friday (ie. tomorrow). Considering the lack of lead time, I have to assume the theatrical release is just a formality required to get to a VOD release, but what do I know? The movie stars Adam Brody as a former child detective (a la Encyclopedia Brown) who is now in his 30s and forced to deal with his first real grown-up case: a brutal murder. The concept definitely sounds intriguing but it also seems like it will require a tricky balance between comedy and drama. Then again, Evan Morgan previously co-wrote and produced The Dirties, a dark comedy / satire about two teenagers planning a high school shooting. The Kid Detective hits theatres on Oct. 16th; check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

  • 1138sw

    Ya know that actually looks pretty good! I’m gonna see it…at home on VOD…sigh.