Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America Coming 2 Amazon


With the Borat sequel set to debut on Amazon Prime in just over a week, Amazon is reportedly close to securing another big sequel for their streaming service. Paramount and Amazon are now finalizing a deal to bring the Coming to America sequel, Coming 2 America, to Prime Video before the end of the year. The movie was originally scheduled to hit theatres in December but rumours have been swirling for a while now that it might forego a theatrical release in favour of streaming. Now it looks like it will be the next major studio film to come home for the holidays this year along with the recently announced Soul, which is heading to Disney+. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Variety, Paramount is in the process of selling Coming 2 America to Amazon Studios in a deal worth approximately $125 million. One of the final hurdles left is the handling of pre-negotiated marketing tie-ins with both McDonalds and Crown Royal, which are expected to transfer over to Amazon. Eddie Murphy also has to sign off on the deal. If it goes through, the movie is expected to arrive on Amazon on December 18th.

The original Coming to America was directed by John Landis and hit theatres back in 1988. The sequel is directed by Craig Brewer and has been a long time coming with Eddie Murphy experiencing a bit of a career resurgence (Beverly Hills Cop 4 is also in the works and coming to Netflix). Paramount also sold their upcoming Tom Clancy adaptation Without Remorse starring Michael B. Jordan to Amazon earlier this year but it does not yet have a release date. Are you looking forward to Coming 2 America?