Monster Hunter Teaser Trailer Starring Milla Jovovich


At a time when most studios are continuing to remove their major releases from the 2020 release calendar, Sony has made a surprising move that seems to defy logic. Their upcoming Paul W.S. Anderson video game adaptation Monster Hunter was one of many movies delayed back in July, settling on a new April 2021 release date, but now this week they have decided to bump it back up to December 2020 instead. The reason, it would seem, is due to the box office recovery in China, where the historical war film The Eight-Hundred has earned $366 million over the past two months. The Resident Evil movies have done well in China (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter earned $159 million there, about half of its global box office total) and since Monster Hunter also stars Milla Jovovich, this could prove to be a canny decision by Sony. The exact release date is still TBA; check out the first teaser after the jump and see what you think.

  • Lori Cerny

    So, Tremors?