Game Junk Prototype Episode #31: Top 5 Consoles of All Time


We count down our top 5 consoles of all time and discuss Amazon’s new Luna streaming service plus we also briefly touch on the new Console Wars documentary.

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  • SloppyDetective

    One word Frank: stealth games. An entire genre that requires players (who are not playing on baby difficulty) to utilize the anolog input on the left stick. MGS smartly added sound cues via the different material you’re walking on that could be avoided by gently walking. And while not every stealth game takes it to this level there are always moments of slowly crawling, walking, or crouch walking away or towards enemies. Check mate.

  • Blake in Boston

    Great ep, great ep.

    My list probably shapes up like:

    5. Sega Dreamcast
    4. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    3. PlayStation 4 Pro
    2. Nintendo 64
    1. PlayStation 2

  • Sam

    I know it doesn’t affect any of the guys on the show, but also the MLB the Show franchise, which I play a ton of. Pitching and hitting both need the sensitivity of the analog stick.

  • Blake in Boston

    Also SKATE.

  • Ben Bueno

    Uh oh, sorry Frank but N64 being on your list is nothing but a bunch of Classitosis. Pretty much all those games are unplayable, not just Goldeneye. Also, that controller is the biggest pile of trash ever.

  • GuyInPhilly

    Great ep.
    I know that the whole conceit of the ranking is about personal preference and what the console brought to the market along with the great games, but for my money the Xbox One should take the place of any Xbox 360 on a list. The backwards compatibility, while not universal, is a really great feature. Something about throwing in a OG xbox or 360 disc in a console just rocks.

  • Yup. Or any game where you need to slowly balance across a platform or something.

  • Immediately had PS2 as #2 on my list. But at the end there, you guys actually managed to convince me why it doesn’t deserve to be on the list. So…

    5) Colecovision (huge step up from Atari – best console there was until the NES)
    4) Dreamcast (probably the most underrated console of all time)
    3) N64
    2) NES (completely revitalized a dying market and changes games forever)
    1) SNES