Film Junk Premium Podcast #83: Alfred Hitchcock: Part 2


It has been over 7 years since we released our first Alfred Hitchcock premium podcast, which was recorded at the time with the intention of eventually reconvening to cover more of his movies in a follow-up episode. We are finally making good on that promise this month with a second dip into the filmography of the one and only Master of Suspense. The discussion this time around includes Rebecca, Notorious, Rear Window and Dial M for Murder plus North by Northwest and The Birds. We debate everything from special effects techniques, memorable set pieces and classic macguffins to the use of 3D, Hitch’s treatment of his actors, the (questionable?) charisma of Cary Grant and the (unquestionable) beauty of Grace Kelly. Which Film Junk members will get accused of classitosis? Is North by Northwest the first Bond movie? Which famous directors have ripped off Hitchcock? Why must everything be a competition with Frank? Find the answers to these questions and more on this month’s premium podcast!

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This series of premium podcasts was created to help support the regular weekly Film Junk Podcast. Head on over to Bandcamp and download the episode for a minimum donation of $1. As always, let us know if you experience any technical difficulties or if you have any other suggestions for future specials. Thanks for your support!

  • Shadow of a Doubt snubbed!

  • bad breath

    Great stuff lads – Love your work

  • Sam

    Yup. Was my vote and always just assumed it won until they announced the official lineup on the show. Think Frank would have enjoyed it more too considering the connection to Stoker.

  • devolutionary

    Jay’s “on-the-fly” dubbing of the Monday Night Football theme song during Frank’s grandstanding was hilarious. I can’t believe he didn’t plan that. Gotta dub that over the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme (“The Funeral March of a Marionette”).

  • OsoDuck

    I’m with Frank, Cary Grant’s appeal is a mystery to me. The guy is an empty vessel. Can’t get a half an hour into Notorious because Grant couldn’t do manly man if his life depended on it. At least in North by Northwest he’s supposed to be some kind of weirdo. Dial M is probably my favourite out of this lot. Love how Milland unveils his plan to Swan.

  • colin the dude

    Frankie thinking The Ridiculous 6 is better made than Notorious is just classic Frankie. And the talking in Dial M. God forbid they talk too much! Sorry there was no shitting donkey to wake you up, Frankie.