Game Junk Prototype Episode #30: Microsoft Buys ZeniMax


We break down the Microsoft acquisition of ZeniMax (which includes Bethesda and id) and discuss whether Frankie spoke too soon about the next-gen console war already being over, plus we evaluate the Xbox Series S and Series X preorder situation and we also talk Hades, Carrion, Spiritfarer and Breath of the Wild.

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  • eliantigiorgi

    Yes Frank, It’s a debacle lol!

  • Blake in Boston

    Microsoft buying Bethesda is a direct response to last week’s Eddie rant.

    Anyone checking out the Mafia remake? I’ve been enjoying the current gen shine blended with the fabulous story-telling of the original. Makes me want to watch the Godfather trilogy again.

  • Loofton

    I live in California. On Amazon, Series X became available at 8am. I was able to grab one at 9:05am.
    I had to be there within minutes of opening preorders to grab a PS5

  • Blake in Boston

    To be fair, there was a 45 minute to a hour long delay of pre-orders going live on a lot of websites (including Amazon, where I got mine). Regardless, the pre-order culture is manufactured to sell out fast and crash websites to generate HYPE. I was asleep when PS5 pre-orders went live, still sore at Walmart for that.

    Plan B: Line up at a Target stupid early in the morning and hope to get one on launch day. WHAT. A. DEBACLE.

  • Loofton

    Oh is that what happened? Yea cause everyone I talked to is like ‘how the fffff did you get one an hour later?’ Got lucky then.