Game Junk Prototype Episode #29: Sony’s PS5 Showcase and Price Reveal


We argue about Sony’s PS5 prices and the pre-order “debacle” plus we also discuss the various PS5 games shown off at Sony’s press event, the official Xcloud launch and Frank’s attempt to force himself into a Switch phase.

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  • Ben Bueno

    Unhinged Frank is out for blood

  • Blake in Boston

    The PS5 pre-order fiasco sucks. Wal-Mart sucks for breaking the pre-order embargo. Resellers suck for using their bots to swoop in and order up all the consoles. And the idiots who pay for these Ebay marked up consoles SUCK too. IT. ALL. SUCKS.

    I’m not mad, bro.

  • Colin

    Really enjoyed this episode, felt super packed… few notes:

    – Frank hypothesized that there might be more PS5 preorders available before Nov 12 but I’m hearing the opposite, that preorders that have been made might not be as secure as you think. Amazon US sent out an email to preorder holders yesterday that they “may not receive this item on the day it is released due to high demand” and then there were reports that Best Buy was canceling some preorders that were made in the later waves on September 17th.

    – Glad to hear y’all are taking this time to check out some Nintendo content. Not sure how much Frank will enjoy Xenoblade, but if you do get it, definitely pick up the Torna expansion because it unlocks autobattle… it made a similar difference for me in that game that I’m assuming the 3x battles made for FF7.

    – Check out Luigis Mansion 3. I slept on this game for too long but it is a fucking beast… looks great, plays great, so much fun. It is a beautifully crafted game.

  • Ben Bueno

    I really can’t see a reason why anyone would by this thing anytime soon. There really are no games this time, this launch is brutal. The one thing that intrigues me is the PS4 games that you get when signing up to PS+, because I don’t have a PS4 and am dying to play Bloodborne, and to a lesser degree Uncharted and GOW. But still, at 500$, it’s kind of a gamble, who knows how long it takes for some actual stuff to come out, and will it be worth it in the long run? This generation is looking pretty bad at the moment…

  • Colin

    Not trying to feed the beast, but this appears to fit Frank’s current narrative:

  • SloppyDetective

    My god Frank, you were out of control this episode. Just because you will eventually buy a Series X doesn’t mean you aren’t biased; it just means you are addicted to being a consumer.

    With that being said, I plan on getting a PS5 once things mellow out – “eddy.”

    I don’t see how anyone can say the launch line up for the PS5 is worse than any other modern launch. There are more cross gen games than ever before but the new consoles will be the version to get and I’m sure will satisfy anyone playing them on the new system. Would you rather have a handful of bullshit launch games as usual that are exclusive to the new platform or great sequels iterating on some of the best games of last gen that you could also get a worse version of on your old console? I would much rather get a PS5 with Cyberpunk and Spiderman than a PS5 with an exclusive next gen Killzone.

  • eliantigiorgi

    Frank fucked up this episode the casual gamer will decide the outcome of this debacle.

  • Ben Bueno

    I don’t think it’s worse than any other launch, but it’s still bad. It’s the future I’m worried about. Sure, games will come out eventually, but who knows how long it takes, especially now when the world is on hold for the foreseeable future. There’s not much to be excited about at the moment, for me at least. I will get RE8 for sure though.

  • Sean

    One thing to mention with Cyberpunk, I believe it will be playable
    on next-gen consoles at launch but the full next-gen enhanced upgrade won’t be coming until 2021. So buying a next-gen console just to play that game at launch may not be worth it.

  • SloppyDetective

    So much stuff from this year has been pushed back to 2021 though, and I bet a bunch of stuff slated for 2021 will get pushed to the next year. Idk, I play way less than I used to so it always seems like there’s a bunch of stuff to choose from, though only a few things truly interest me enough to finish them.

  • SloppyDetective

    True but I have to imagine it will have better framerate than the current consoles. I feel like Ratchet, better Spiderman, and better Cyberpunk are enough to justify a purchase for someone who is already looking to early adopt.

  • Newtman98

    I just picked up Hades and am liking it a lot. First game in a while that has me hooked where I want to keep playing.

  • Ben Bueno

    Me too, I don’t play much at all anymore, aside from Spelunky here and there (very excited for the sequel), but I thought I might jump back in this generation, which is why I even care about all of this in the first place. Maybe I’ll get a PS5 next year, getting one anytime soon seems pointless

  • benvernel

    While I have also pre-ordered a PS5 and will not be buying an XBox Series S/X, I have a PC and have Gamepass there. I’m a Sony Fannaman from way back, but I still don’t think they’ve won this gen already.

    Given Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda today, and the fact that Series S/X pre-orders appear to have sold out quicker than PS5’s here in Australia, I think the war is still being waged.

  • johncena122

    Well Microsoft finally did something by acquiring Bethesda for $7.5 billion, wonder what frank will say now. “FALLOUT AND ELDER SCROLLS WERE NEVER EVEN GOOD, I NEVER LIKED THEM”. For you frank maybe for you, but a lot of people out there like this games, thus this gives them some reason to pre-order a XBOX now.

    Though i have a good PC so i wont be getting a series X.

  • This. I tried to pre-order the series X today. Refreshed the broken site at both Microsoft until they were finally out of stock. It was a shit show.