Game Junk Prototype Episode #28: Xbox Series S Reveal


We discuss Microsoft’s dual next-gen console strategy and pricing for the Xbox Series S and Series X plus we also recap the announcements from the latest Ubisoft Forward and talk Spiritfarer, Vader Immortal, The Last Campfire and Ghost of Tsushima.

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  • Blake in Boston

    The Series S is a smart marketing move. It’s now poised to be the cheapest “Next-Gen” (soft air quotes) console at Walmart/Costco/etc. this holiday season, and the uninformed shopper (i.e. the majority of the market) is going to eat it up. I still know plenty of folks with 1080p sets, and this will suite them just fine. As for me, I’d probably consider getting it as a secondary Xbox console for my house to supplement a Series X; however, I’m with Frank and Sean–in that I’m going all in with Sony come this Fall.

    All that being said, the naming convention of these consoles still SUCK.

  • OsoDuck

    Playing games for trophies stinks of playing games for other people. “Look at me, I’ve got all the trophies.I’m cool now. I’m the coolest nerd on the block.” Sorry Frank, that’s you. That’s how you sound. People who actually still enjoy video games don’t care about achievements and trophies.

    And calling out Zelda? Isn’t that some sort of blasphemy? I feel like Frank is trying to do a controlled demolition on his childhood at this point.

  • SloppyDetective

    I’ll counter your guess with:

    PS5: $599
    Digital: $499

    Their earlier comments on value over pricing makes me think they were setting the plate to go higher than anything from the previous gen.

  • Blake in Boston

    Besides the proprietary/integrated SSD in the PS5, isn’t the Xbox Series X pound for pound more expensive in terms of hardware? I will be BAMBOOZLED if Sony goes for a higher price tag than Microsoft. They’re already taking it on the chin with that $499 price point with the Series X; I couldn’t imagine Sony making the same mistake they made with the PS3…

  • SloppyDetective

    Microsoft is on the ropes and so they undercut their price harder than Sony is willing to; especially since Sony dominated this gen and are high off that. Sony also keeps positioning themselves as the place for premium gaming experiences. I can see them convincing themselves the landscape is different enough for that price to be viable.

    Also, I’m just countering your guess. I wouldn’t actually put money on this guess.

  • Ben Bueno

    Why buy a Xbox ever? I don’t get it at this point. It has the same multi-platform games as the Playstation but with no exclusive games that are worth anything. At least, judging from the last generation, and what we’ve heard so far. Aside from brand loyalty from the 360 days I really don’t see the appeal. But maybe I’m just trying to start shit. :)

  • Blake in Boston

    Nailed it.

  • Blake in Boston

    Boom, nailed it. ;-)

  • Blake in Boston