Game Junk Prototype Episode #27: Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct


We discuss the recent Super Mario Bros. announcements and Nintendo’s fixation on limited edition exclusivity plus we also talk Vader Immortal, Ghost of Tsushima and Carrion and breakdown potential porting problems for the Nintendo Switch.

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  • SloppyDetective

    Frank brought up the Switch’s shit trigger buttons in regards to Carrion (might’ve been on Film Junk) and I’m surprised he didn’t bring them up again with Mario Sunshine. The GC controller’s triggers weren’t full analog, but they did have two layers of input and Sunshine took advantage of this. Basically if you held them half way in you could run around while spraying and if you fully clicked them in you stood still and sprayed. I’m curious if Nintendo made a solution to this and how it will feel.

    I actually sold my switch to my little sister a few months ago (I gave her a great deal, especially considering the pandemic inflation they are getting) with the thoughts that next year there will be an upgraded version (with the rumors out now this is becoming a Frank level prediction on my part), but there’s still jack shit out that I want to play on the switch. Am I really going to buy a beefier switch just to replay Breath of the Wild? Probably.

  • Travis

    I sold my xbox 360 to my mom last night and I have her a fucking amazing deal considering the PANDEMIC makes them hard to find but I still had to keep explaining to her over and OVER why she was buying it from me and why it was a fucking deal of a life time. I am on the same page with you, bro. Hope your little sister was more appreciative of that amazing deal.