Game Junk Prototype Episode #26: Gamescom 2020


We discuss some of the announcements and trailers from the opening night of Gamescom 2020 and the rumoured PS5 launch date plus we also talk Spiritfarer, Carrion, Ring Fit Adventure, Days Gone and The Sinking City.

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  • SloppyDetective

    I would bet even if the manufacturers could crank out the same amount of next gen consoles as they did last gen they would still sell out. The first run is always for hardcore enthusiasts willing to early adopt and I bet there’s enough of those still employed to not matter. If there is a less amount than usual they will definitely sell out. Personally, I now have a decent job and could afford to pre-order but with how big my backlog is I feel kind of guilty doing that. So I guess I need Frank to push me over the edge, or maybe Cyberpunk will do that. I am PS5 for first new console though; not even a debate.

    Surgeon Simulator started as a browser game, if I’m not mistaken, and is one of those bad controls = funny times, ala QWOP and Octo Dad. And I think those games in general have become big for streamers to play. I’m pretty sure the humor is pretty mild Sean.

  • Sean

    Thanks, I was more concerned with blood and gore but it seems to be pretty cartoony.

  • Blake in Boston

    Andrew, I remember my time fondly with Days Gone; however, that was one of the rare occurrences where the game actually got better as it progressed. The real fun in this game is dealing with massive hoards and, unfortunately, these are introduced pretty late game. I recommend pushing through the story campaign missions until you reach your first hoard, as it is quite the impressive technological feat and it’s fun to plan traps/escape routes prior to engaging them. That said, I didn’t play this in a Last of Us Part II world–so I’m sure the game feels even more rough around the edges.

  • HuckCity

    I’ll give it another go this weekend. Hopefully I can get a better handle on the controls quickly, so I can power through

  • Blake in Boston

    Yeah it’s a shame that pretty much everything (fully upgraded bikes, better weapons, challenging enemies, etc.) pop up more towards the latter half of the game. I enjoyed it, but it’s not for everyone so if this second run doesn’t jive with you, no one will blame you for abandoning it.