Spontaneous Trailer: High School Sucks and Then You Explode


If you thought you had it hard in high school, just imagine what it would be like with the added stress of wondering whether you might randomly explode. That’s the basic premise of what seems to be one of the more original coming-of-age comedies in recent years. Based on the novel by Aaron Starmer, Spontaneous stars Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer as two high school seniors who strike up a romance despite the disturbing phenomenon of their classmates suffering from spontaneous combustion. The movie is directed by Brian Duffield, who has previously written scripts for Jane Got a Gun, The Babysitter, Underwater and the upcoming movie Love and Monsters. Spontaneous hits select theatres on Oct. 2nd and VOD on Oct. 6th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.