Film Junk Podcast Episode #764: Bacurau


0:00 – Intro
16:05 – Review: Bacurau
31:45 – Interview: Bryan Kluger from High-Def Digest
1:26:45 – Headlines: The Batman Trailer
1:37:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: Unhinged, Ravage, Red Eye, Turbulence, Lovecraft Country, High Score, Dark Shadows, American Gangster, Man Trouble
2:09:00 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
2:13:25 – Outro

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    That interview went much better than I expected. Both Bryan and the FJ crew seemed to be on the same page and it resulted in a fun debate. I mean you can’t tell many writers that you jerked off to their review and still have a civilized discussion with each other. Only on Film Junk!

  • Glen

    The St. Catharines Standard has an article on Jay’s documentary series “Cursed Films” in today’s paper.

  • Blake in Boston

    Wonderbread and jerk off lotion, what a classic FJ episode!

  • Cream Neeson

    “Why are you so mean?” Absolutely classic. You’re a hero Jay.

  • schizopolis

    I never thought I could literally see a shit-eating grin on someone while listening to a podcast or talk radio, but I finally did every time that douchey reviewer opened his mouth.

    I say this as a total compliment to your guest, of course ;)

  • Craig

    I liked how Jay was his usual dry self, and in fairness the reviewer took it pretty well.

  • Deven Science

    Great interview, fellas. I thought for a bit that he might be swayed to see that he was unnecessarily harsh, but in the end, he dug in his heels, and stuck by the review. I’d be interested to know if he saw either of Jay’s other docs, and what he thought of them.

  • frankw35

    Great, fun interview. That reviewer has another strike against him because at one point he says he “thinks he has” the app to organize his physical media titles and that it’s great. You either have the app to organize your media titles or you don’t. If you “think” you have it, you’re probably not using it and you certainly can’t weigh in on whether it’s great. I’m surprised he didn’t “think” he saw Cursed Films. Without psychoanalyzing too much, that’s the kind of thing you say when you are intimidated by the person you’re talking to. So good job, guys for keeping him off balance.

  • Ben Bueno

    Fun episode. Thanks guys

  • hamslime

    That reviewer, to put it mildly, comes off as a dense worm. Kudos to him for coming on and all that but, yeah… he’s kinda gross.

  • ShitMan

    Fun interview. It wasn’t the Vincent Gallo v Rodger Ebert I was hoping for, but it was funny. Even tho it would’ve been classless to rip into an invited guest, I would’ve loved it. I thought Jay was pointed. Unfortunately the reviewer wasn’t a formidable opponent. His bumblings were weak, which is not something you would expect from someone who gave such a harsh review. If you’re going completely shit on something have balls to back it up.

  • Ben Bueno

    Oh and Sean just a quick Glossary note –
    Frank coined the term Criterionitis in episode #483 (The Drop) which I just listened to, which leads to the debut of Classitosis an episode later in #484 (The Equalizer)

  • Lior

    Oh man, that was the most awkward interview in FJ history, but it had me in stitches. Mr Kluger is a good sport for coming on the show, but I didn’t feel like he made any convincing arguments to support his opinions and his harsh rating, and then just his forceful plug at the end… come on. He’s lucky to be dealing with three nice Canadians, even if one of them makes random jerking off jokes that must sound very odd to people not familiar with the show.

  • OsoDuck

    Been binge watching old Unsolved Mysteries episodes. Jay could be interested in this one. The first segment is on Brandon Lee and the alleged curse that plagued him.