Disney Sets Mulan for Premium VOD Release via Disney+


Although Warner Brothers is still pushing forward with a theatrical release for Tenet at the end of the month, Disney has finally decided to pull the chute on the upcoming release of Mulan. Although they have been closely monitoring Tenet and trying to position themselves around it, this week they have announced that Mulan will mostly be skipping theatres altogether. Instead, they are opting for a surprising option: a premium VOD release only on Disney+ that will require subscribers to pay an additional one-time fee on top of the streaming service’s subscription fee. Hit the jump for more details.

Disney will release Mulan on Disney+ on September 4th for a rental price of $29.99. That is about $10 more than we’ve been seeing most premium VOD releases set at and it also requires a Disney+ subscription. The movie will supposedly still get a theatrical release in territories where Disney+ is not available.

This is by far the biggest movie to go direct to VOD thus far but it is unclear if this represents a new strategy for Disney moving forward. Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek has called this a one-off experiment but you have to wonder if the experiment is a success why they wouldn’t use it for more movies. In particular, Black Widow is next up on their release calendar and is currently scheduled to hit theatres on Nov. 6th. Will you be paying a premium fee to watch Mulan at home via Disney+?

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    I’ve read they only need something like 10 percent of their subscribers to buy this to make it worth while. I have a feeling they’ll get more than 10 pretty easily. I like to tell myself things will go back to the way they were, but this feels like a real game changer for the theatre industry.

  • pineapplepuss

    I was wanting to see Mulan when the trailers first came out, then as it kept getting delayed, I starting losing interest in it more and more. And now, to have to pay 30$ to see it, forget that.

  • Nobody

    Even at $30, it still seems likely to me that they’re going to take a loss with Mulan. It’s not going to do as well as a full-blown theatrical release, which they can’t do right now. As for the option of sitting on the film until more theatres open up, do studios take some sort of loss the longer they delay a movie that was set to go?

    If someone is a Disney+ subscriber and plans on staying one, the $30 price actually doesn’t sound so bad to me compared to the usual $20 PVOD price since you can rewatch the movie as much as you want, which I imagine could come in handy if there are kids at home who watch things over and over.

    I do love the idea of more film fests going virtual, though. The Japan Cuts fest, which is usually held in NY, just went online for anyone in the US and I saw some interesting movies, a few of which were easily among the best I’ve seen so far this year. Pricing was great, too.

  • This week it said Disney+ passed 60 million subscribers. 10 percent of that are 6 million, if each one pays $30 that’s 181 million dollars of income contrasted with a budget for Mulan that’s allegedly around 200 million. They would probably make more money if they just shelve it for a year, don’t really see where the problem would be with that except if Disney needs to break even quick or cut losses for financial reasons.