Film Junk Podcast Episode #761: The Fugitive + Wrongfully Accused


0:00 – Intro: Tenet Update + Mulan Goes to Premium VOD
19:00 – Retro Review: The Fugitive
48:50 – Retro Review: Wrongfully Accused
1:06:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Daylight, Pure Luck, Assassins, Nighthawks, Blown Away, See No Evil Hear No Evil, Lock Up, Judge Dredd, Last Chance U
1:35:40 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:37:45 – Outro

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  • schizopolis

    Frank, Arlington Road is the Jeff Bridges film I think you’re referring to. Haven’t seen it since it came out on video, but I remember that ending.

  • Blake in Boston

    This episode was CRAZY. Good luck with the move, Sean!

  • OsoDuck

    I’m with Jay on this one. Love the sulking. Chicago is practically a character in this film.

  • Deven Science

    Never saw Wrongfully Accused. In fact, the spoof movies aren’t really my cup of tea, so other than a few early ones, such as Top Secret and Airplane, I haven’t really seen any of them. Maybe I’ll check out that scene on YouTube, though.

  • scab

    Thought Jay hated quoting movies, especially the obscure stuff Frank likes to reference, yet he simply cannot stop playing with his ‘soundboard’.

    What’s the diff? What gives?

  • Beat_C

    There’s a hearty “Alright! Let’s do it!” in “She Dies Tomorrow”, so of course you have to review that one.

  • devolutionary

    I saw a weird re-screening of Wrongfully Accused with the Keanu Reeves crime/thrller dud “The Watcher” back in 2000. So many questions about that night, including the pairing, lack of audience, and why Wrongfully Accused needed a ‘re-screening’ just to pad out the “value”?

  • Beat_C

    a guardian article about how movie theatres all over the world handle the current situation:

  • Nobody

    House of Hummingbird is really good. I can see you guys enjoying The Wild Goose Lake. Or an Ayer/Berg double bill of The Tax Collector and Mile 22; actually, that’s probably not a good idea, but for some reason I’m curious about a reaction to Mile 22 since you’ve all done a good job of keeping up with the Peter Berg filmography.

  • Ben Bueno

    I saw this last year for the first time, it’s pretty good, not a must watch by any means though.

  • milan

    i went last friday to see unhinged at 2pm screening (in london, UK). masks not mandatory yet (the necessity of using them started on saturday), we were 8 people there in total. lots of space and i had no issues or anxiety during the movie watching. not the best movie but makes me confident when i will go to see tenet later this month.

  • Rolf

    Seriously? You give WRONGFULLY ACCUSED 2 stars ??? but then you laugh your asses off about those infantile soundboard clips? Something’s not right.

  • Came here to say this.