Miranda July’s Kajillionaire Trailer


It’s been 15 years since Miranda July’s directorial debut Me and You and Everyone We Know charmed audiences and since then she has directed just one other movie (2011’s The Future). She has also done a few shorts and starred in Madeline’s Madeline, but the good news is that she is back behind the camera this year with a brand new movie called Kajillionaire. The movie stars Evan Rachel Wood as the daughter of two con artists (Debra Winger and Richard Jenkins) and after years of training and conditioning she is finally looking to break free from their rule. The perfect opportunity presents itself when a stranger (Gina Rodriguez) is invited to help them with their latest scam. As we’ve come to expect from Miranda July, this looks quirky, surreal and whimsical, which all sounds like a welcome change of pace right about now. Kajillionaire will supposedly hit theatres on September 18th, although as with all release dates right now it is unclear if that will end up being the case. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.